Medical Advice

Health Care Problems – Advice from Dr Scott

Get the latest medical advice and tips on how to stay healthy in Cambodia from Dr Gavin Scott.

Air-Borne Infections

Air-borne infections can be difficult to avoid. Learn how to treat common colds, influenza and other infections in Cambodia.

Sexual Diseases

Get the latest information on sexually transmitted diseases in Cambodia, how to avoid them and how to treat them.

Percutaneous Infections (Bites)

Expert medical advice on what to do should you be bitten in Cambodia and are worried you may have contracted a disease.

Food & Water-Borne Infections

Read our top tips and advice on how to avoid food and water-borne infections in Cambodia.

Tropical Insect-Borne Infections

An overview of the insect-borne infections that are most prevalent in South-East Asia, and how to avoid them.

General Common Conditions

Here we discuss some of the most common medical conditions affecting travellers, expats and locals in Cambodia.